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About Myself

I have been in the turfgrass industry for over 10 years. I possess a deep passion for the work, but I also find myself at a cross roads as my life outside of the golf course becomes increasingly difficult to juggle with the demands of this industry. I find myself newly engaged to a partner who supports me in all aspects of life. We have cultivated a lifestyle that includes year round adventures in the mountains, including rock climbing, backcountry skiing, ice climbing, trail running, and other forms of outdoor recreation. We find joy, peace, and meaning in these wild places. With a job that allows flexibility and remote working, my partner has been able to successfully establish herself as a top young urban planner in the mountain west while also pursuing passions outside of work. I am seeking to find a job within this niche turfgrass industry that allows me to do the same. The technology from agriculture has trickled down to golf courses and it's an exciting time for the superintendent. I would love to join a company that is using technology to better the turfgrass industry by way of better course conditions, but also through increased quality of life for the superintendents.

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What I'm Looking For

After getting engaged this past December my fiancée and I began to plan our future in a more meaningful way. We live a lifestyle that does not lend itself to the typical grind of a golf course superintendent. After debating leaving the turf industry, I really thought about the future of this niche profession. I didn’t want to turn my back on it just yet. Technology has finally trickled down from agricultural fields to golf courses. I believe the turf technology sector has opportunities for jobs and I have the skill set to be a productive part of a company that allows me the benefits of flexible scheduling and remote working. I have seen the rewards of this work-life balance through my fiancée, and various other friends. I am always impressed and inspired by their ability to truly master their own time to both contribute meaningfully to their work and also live fuller lives outside of work. 

I have previous customer service experience during my three winters working for Ski Butlers, a luxury ski rental delivery service. The company was very service oriented and focused on being able to help a customer through every step of the process from booking to fitting to exchanges and returns. When you give them that extra level of service, they will use Ski Butlers at all the different locations throughout the country, and world every time they go skiing. As an employee, not only were you required to be able to work with the customers of Ski Butlers, you had to navigate the relationship with other shop locations. While it seemed like "just a winter job" for me at the time, the more I reflect on my time at Ski Butlers, the more I realized I learned about the service industry and going that extra mile to ensure someone had a good experience.

I believe with my background in turf on golf courses for the past decade --  coupled with the customer service learned in my time slinging skis -- that I could be an asset to a technology company that needs a motivated self-starter that has had boots on the ground and understands the industry. I could excel in a position that works with superintendents, assistants, interns, and crew with demoing, implementation, troubleshooting, feedback, and general relationship building with clients or prospective customers. I do not have a sales background, but I do think I can learn to make a convincing sales pitch when I truly believe in a product and technology, especially if it will help superintendents and their crews.

I have always been "tech-savvy" person, but obviously that is a broad spectrum. I am quick to adapt to new software, programs, user interfaces, and technology in general. When teaching an intern our GPS sprayers, he told me that I was able to "make complicated things easy to understand". It was a great compliment to myself, and one that shows a strength of mine. Whether it has been teaching my parents to work computers back in the early 2000s, or being the "guide" of my friend group leading climbing and rope rescue clinics in my bedroom loft, I have always had a knack for breaking processes down and sharing it with others. I would love to focus that energy into a job within the turf industry, and I think a company utilizing the new and exciting technology  in this world would be a great fit.

About Myself: About
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